“Our values get tested in the face of a crisis. This is an opportunity to reconnect, recommit, and live your priorities.” We truly understand and support that statement from Farnam street.

“Humanity needs to make a choice. Will we travel down the route of disunity, or will we adopt the path of global solidarity? If we choose disunity, this will not only prolong the crisis but will probably result in even worse catastrophes in the future. If we choose global solidarity, it will be a victory not only against the coronavirus but against all future epidemics and crises that might assail humankind in the 21st century.” Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus.

“You should, intentionally and tactically, decide which piece of information you can do without, for now. But you should also, intentionally and strategically, decide when to pay back that debt.” Knowledge Debt

Books we suggest to read nowadays

In The Unthinkable, an exceptional book about who survives and who doesn’t in a disaster, Amanda Ripley writes:

“[W]e flirt shamelessly with risk today, constructing city skylines in hurricane alleys and neighborhoods on top of fault lines. Largely because of where we live, disasters have become more frequent and more expensive. But as we build ever more impressive buildings and airplanes, we do less and less to build better survivors. How did we get this way? The more I learned, the more I wondered how much of our survival behaviors—and misbehaviors—could be explained by evolution. After all, we evolved to escape predators, not buildings that reach a quarter-mile into the sky. Has technology simply outpaced our survival mechanisms? But there are two kinds of evolution: the genetic kind and the cultural kind. Both shape our behavior, and the cultural kind has gotten a lot faster. We now have many ways to create “instincts”: we can learn to do better or worse. We can pass on traditions about how to deal with modern risks, just as we pass on language.”

The World-Changer’s Manifesto

The World-Changer’s Manifesto is a compilation of insights that will help you express your primal genius and realize your natural heroism. We received a message from the author, Robin Sharma, with love and respect.

I feel grateful and blessed that you hold this book in your hands. Clearly, something deep within you longs for the fullest expression of your primal genius and the realization of your natural heroism. For over two decades I’ve mentored famed billionaires, industry titans and sports superstars on the mindsets, routines, systems, and tactics of world-class performance. In this playbook, I share some of the key elements of my methodology with you.

Robin Sharma, The World Changer Manifesto eBook with love and respect

The world is in a volatile place right now. For people operating as victims, the times ahead will be terrifying. Yet, for producers behaving as leaders [and even heroes], the future will not only be inspiring but also bring with it boundless amounts of productivity, prosperity, and impact. To help you accelerate your learning and growth on the path to legendary, I’ve spent many months handcrafting a remarkably powerful online video training program that comes with this playbook at absolutely zero cost for a limited time at TheEverydayHeroFormula.com I hope this hard-won information helps you own your game, materialize your potential and lead a rare-air life elevates the entire world. This is your time. Now is your moment. Let’s get you to mastery.

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