Mobile searches with the qualifier “should I ______” have grown over 65% in the past two years, including searches such as “what should I invest in” and “should I invest in ___.”

‌Source: “When people are ready to invest, digital is their first stop,” Feb. 2018. (Photo by Igor Miske)

Why it matters

Wealth management customers at all levels rely heavily on digital to help them make decisions at every step of their journey — even if they don’t sign up for an account online. Accounting for these shifting consumer behaviors will require some big changes. But with big changes come big opportunities.


  1. LA LA LAND guy

    Digital marketing on the top of mind. Nothing is so powerful nowdays as web sites with premium SEO implemented.

  2. Stefanie

    I am ready to invest in digital. Hello from South Africa.

  3. Wolf International

    WOW, you are well informed. Good luck with CHALK and the other.

  4. Richard

    My first digital stop, thank you.

  5. Google brain is most powerful. Hello International, from the very heart of Scotland.

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  7. Wild bro


    Ready to invest right now, wolf international brother.

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