Earlier on the blog we were talking about why video promotion & online presence matters. If anything, consumers are paying more attention than ever before – Short story of online brand.

Since it was founded, YouTube has grown into a destination where people find and watch what they love the most — no matter where they are. To better understand what drives people from around the world to watch online video, we looked at a list of 14 firsts from YouTube’s 14-year history, where we saw people passionately engaged with online videos.

We still like you too, Creating and promoting your Brand online

International level is one of the best campaign to increase brand awareness. Boost your brand on Concept International platform with brand ambassadors worldwide and our specialists will increase positive consumer perception, impact and revenue. The CONCEPT planning framework can be applied across your digital marketing strategy, and web design is no exception.

By following this framework, our updated web design project template simplifies the complex task of designing a website:

Planning Step – Define resource, customer research, analytics audit, digital asset management, UX evaluation
Reach – SEO, landing pages, newsletters, marketing campaigns
Act – Design and copywriting, customer profiling
Convert – UX testing, surveys, customer service, A/B testing
Engage – Content strategy, social media integration

The template relates the site to the customer management activities that a website can support and gives you a checklist to review the key activities that need to be managed.

Over on the specialist form, meanwhile, you can set up 14 questions to ask yourself when designing a landing page in order to optimise them for conversion and get the most out of paid search.


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  2. Jessica

    YOUTUBE still loving you :* now have live streaming.

  3. Respect, kiss fly from Dublin.

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    Kronstadt Tour – the History of the Russian Navy
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  6. And we like you too Concept 😀

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    Happy anniversary, Youtube is still kicking ass. What a Concept International digital framework, good job. I am your specialist from now 🙂

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