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Who’s in control? You or your mind?

If you’re stuck at home right now, be sure to feed your mind with the right thoughts… Has your mind gotten the better of you over the last few days? With many major countries in ‘lockdown’ mode, most of you are likely stuck at home with a lot more time […]

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How To Create Immediate Change

We all experience difficulty in achieving (or maintaining) the life we want. Many personal development programs don’t last because they only focus on symptoms. Not on treating and eliminating the root cause of our problems. Treating symptoms always has a short term effect… The only way to create lasting change […]

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Stephan Concept confirmed for the Masterclass with Marisa Peer

Concept International chairman Stephan Concept, have reserved spot for the “Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy” Masterclass with Marisa Peer. Masterclasses are known for high-level content, fast-paced structures, global influencers and brilliant teachers. Also, weird humor. Vishen Lakhiani will be hosting. And They’re so glad that Stephan Concept International was there. It’s been […]

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