Tell us something about yourself just like Stefan Concept did through link biz project and PR international concept.

Time is a thing that we all share, but our lives and actions are unique.

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Reading biographies of other people is something that interests me, while my own biography has been written by journalists and writers, and published mostly on websites for now. I have been a family man since 2017 when I became a father of a girl named Sofia, and my life has been changed drastically, but in a good way, especially when you know that the most precious thing in the life is the life itself bestowed to us by God. I am an optimist, so in work I am often described me as a visionary, and rather a strategist than an operationalist. Although I am an entrepreneur and executive manager, I got pseudonym Stefan Concept, which became popular both locally and globally.

2. When did you realize you want to become a manager, and was it difficult to persist in that decision?

A manager is a word of French origin derived from the verb to manage. Being able to manage primarily yourself and your actions is of great importance for one’s career. I believe that a person should recognize their own talents, but they have to work hard to be the best in the job they choose to do. Also, I believe that possessing both knowledge and theory is essential for a profession. Therefore, I graduated from Faculty of Economics at University of Kragujevac, specialized in International Management. However, the informal education, practical work, and my family’s support helped me become who I am today.

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Additionally, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on the distance learning at the Open University in a town Milton Keynes in Great Britain. I attended a course for marketing thanks to the company Google. It is necessary to learn all the time, so you could have a successful career. As an old saying goes, if you don’t work, you’ll lose your skill. Therefore, I tend to work and create new concepts every day.

3. What did the beginning of your career look like?

I started my career in a company Strategic Marketing (now IPSOS) as an interviewer and researcher. Then, in 2011 I established a group named Marketing Concept, and had to work in various fields: finance, insurance, marketing, and journalism in digital media. Besides international brands, I worked also with local ones, and had a chance to collaborate with a great number of companies.

4. Tell us something about the associations which you established in Kragujevac, such as the Association of Young Managers, the Club of Successful Managers, and the Association for Social Development of Young INTERAKTIV.

With the help of my colleagues and friends, I established the Association of Young Managers in 2009. Its main aim was not only to spread out entrepreneurship but also to have a chance to work on various projects in my area of expertise. After being the president of the association for more than 2 years, I decided to become an entrepreneur, so I established the business club named the Club of Successful Managers, CSM (originally KUM) in 2012. Also, I collaborated with the coordinator of the Office for Young People, and established the Association for Social Development of Young, so that I could influence the unprofitable sector and make contribution to the society with my projects. Today, these associations are successful and independent, and quite important for Sumadija region.

5. Could you tell us more about your work on the global projects on Local guides, which is also significant?

Local Guide is the Google program which rewards you when you share your world on Google maps. At first, it was a digital map providing information of tourist interest mainly. Now it has been developed, and it is of great global influence for the society. I started working as a tourist user from Cyprus in 2016. Today, I am the certified Google Guide, and the marketing specialist, a company’s insider on 8 levels.

6. Considering that you have been in the web marketing business for a long time, could you tell us what inspired you to create the site, and what is its main purpose?

The Internet revolution has changed a lot of things in the contemporary society, so marketing as a relatively new scientific discipline has been developed universally, while in Serbia it is still in progress. I wrote the first handbook for successful online business, but then I published it online under the title Business Innovations, becoming very popular due to its topic and availability on the internet. Besides neuromarketing and studying of the global online appearance, with the international concept platform I wanted to provide possibility for brands to be linked specifically on this premium domain ( The subdomain concept was also approved to be used for various topics, and I, as its founder, got the subdomain

7. What advice would you give to the young? How can they persist in their ambition and manage to become successful nowadays?

There is an old saying: Think globally, act locally. As for my own advice, you should believe in yourself and your potentials, and practice turning your ideas into action regularly. Is it always going to be easy? No, it’s not. But life teaches us that balance between a private life and career is essential. Working on yourself is a continual process, and you should never give up on it.

8. At the end, could you reveal to us on what are you currently working, and are you preparing a new project maybe?

Currently, I am working on a neuromarketing research project and a digital brand marketing. I have a lot of things prepared, but, for now, my priority is to get Marketing Concept to spread in the region, and develop the International concept platform as well as CHALK Concept.

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