CALL for scores

We kindly invite composers to submit scores to be premiered on concerts of May 2020. Concert piece (1-minute max) should be written for/or:
a) piano,
b) piano 4 hands,
c) flute,
d) violin,
e) violin&piano
f) violoncello.

All compositions should be written for an easy or artistic level of performance.
Submitted works, only one work by the composer for each concert.

Entry fee: 20 Euros for one composition (PayPal, [email protected]). Deadline: January 31, 2020. Registration becomes effective after receipt of the fee.

Please send a short CV (10 lines), proof of the payment and readable score format PDF to the following address:[email protected]

Concert May 23, 2020, Kragujevac, or Belgrade May 25, 2020. The organizer has the right to choose work for performance and change dates of concerts. All information by Email.

Voyna Nesic (1947-), composer, university prof., founder of Women in Music Kragujevac Serbia, Member of Honor Committee of Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica.
Works premiered in:
Northridge-Los Angeles 1991, Fairbanks 1993, 1997, Indiana 1997, Phoenix 2009, Heidelberg 2002, Mannheim 1985, Nasice 1987, Roma 2007, 2012, Bari 2009, Padova 2011, Brno 2006 ,
Brussels, Paris, Sofia, Geneve, Luxemburg, Liege -2015, Brussels 2015, 2018, 2019, Basel 2018, …Performers: CSUN Wind Orchestra ( David Whitwell, EUR Orchestra, Bari (Francesco Lentini), I solicit VENETI, Padova (Claudio Scimone), Vilma Campitelli, Orchestra of Opera Osijek with Zagreb Soloists, Choir Kyr Stefan Srbin ( Marko Nesic)… Awards, acknowledgments:
Miami, Corciano, London 1994: The New Grove Dictionary,…

WOMEN IN MUSIC Association Kragujevac, Serbia

XV International Competition DONNE IN MUSICA 2018
The Winners of XV International Composition Contest (ICC) 2018
Belgrade/Kragujevac,Serbia, December 25, 2018

The Jury of XII International Composition Contest DONNE IN MUSICA 2015 decided to award
next composers

Category I, Solo Instrument (18 age and under)
1. Jiaqi Liu (M, 2002-), China
for Frontier in Gales – for Piano,
Cat.I, Solo instrument
2. Xiangmin Yan (F, 1999-), China
F i r s t P r i z e (99/100)
for Fluttering – for Pipa
3, Yiru Zhao (M,2001-), China,
F i r s t P r i z e (98/100)
as extraordinary young talent,
for Ocean Currents – for Flute
Cat. I, Solo instrument

4. Xiangming Yan (F, 1999-), China,
F i r s t P r i z e (95/100)
for Luxurience – for Flute
Cat.I, Solo instrument
Category I, Chamber music (18 age and under)
5. Jiaqi Wang (M, 1999-), China,
of Cat.I, Chamber music
for Matches of Heaven –
for Oboe, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Piano
Category II, Chamber music (24 age and under)
6. Jiaqi Wang ( M, 1999-),China,
F i r s t P r i z e (100/100)
for Being Mortal- for chamber ensemble
Cat.II, Chamber music
7. Tianqi liu (F, 1996-), China
of Cat. II, Solo instrument and Chamber music
for: The Stammer Husband and His Wife- for trumpet,
The Spark –for two violins,
Fragments of Childhood Memories – for woodwind quintet

8. Mingyang Qiu (M, 1997-), China
F i r s t P r i z e (100/100)
for D I s t o p i a – for string quartet
Cat. II, Chamber music
Category III, Chamber music (25 age and over):

9. Jelena Stanisavljević
First P R I Z E (100/100)
for: Suite for Piano
Cat.III, Solo instrument
Beograd/Kragujevac, December 25, 2018

10. Elena Pavlea, Greece
First Prize (100/100)
for Blue Sky Reverie – for string quartet
Cat.III, Chamber music
11. Hao Kang (M, 1990-), China
F i r s t P r i z e (100/100)
for The Spirit of the War–
for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn and Basson

Cat. III, Chamber music
12. Hao Kang (M, 1990-), China
F I r s t P r i z e (99/100)
for Moganshan Road – for Brass quintet
Cat. III, Chamber music

Category III, Choral Music (25 age and over)
13. Sonia Brauhoff , Poland
F I r s t P r I z e (100/100)
for Gloria Patri – per coro a cappella
Cat. III, Choral music
Category II, Orchestral Music (24 age and under)
14. Feng Weng (M, 1995-), China
of Cat. II, Orchestral music
for Biting Wind Blows through the Wilderness-
for Symphony orchestra
Category III, Orchestral music (25 age and over)

15. Haitham Sukkarieh, Jordan
of Cat. III, Orchestral music
for symphony works: 1. Birthday of the Prince,
2.I love you Amman, 3. Lament King Hussein,
4.The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 5.Petra,
6.Jordanian Folk

16. Sonia Brauhoff (1986-), Poland
F i r s t P r i z e (99/100)
for I C O N – for symphony orchestra
Cat. III, Orchestral music
17. Emilia Bauer (1994-)
F i r s t P r i z e (96/100)
for: The waves- for symphony orchestra
Cat. III, Orchestral music
Category II, Chamber music (24 age and under)
18. Arzu Abbasova (F,1999-) (100/100)
F i r s t P r i z e
for: R O N D O duo Cello
Cat. II, Chamber music
19. Sihang Ge (M, 2002-)
F i r s t P r i z e (100/100)
for: Fantasy scenery

Cat. Chamber music
Prof. Vojna Nesic, composer
Artistic director of International Composers Contest 2018,
Member of Honor Committee of Fondazione Adkins Chiti: DONNE in MUSICA, Fiuggi, Italia


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