Regional innovation conference

Innovation Talk 2018, to be held on Thursday, 29th November 2018, in Kombank Dvorana, Belgrade (14, Dečanska Street), starting at 10 o’clock. The conference is organized by Color Media Communications, under the auspices of the Cabinet of the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Innovation Talk 2018

will bring together all relevant stakeholders of the regional innovation ecosystem. In order for a country to be considered innovative and develop new technologies, it is necessary to build a stable and efficient innovation ecosystem. The Innovation Talk 2018 conference will contribute to the creation of a favourable business and innovation environment, particularly through networking and creating new opportunities for cooperation between regional stakeholders. During the conference, there will be a ministerial panel with the regional ministers in charge of innovation, development, science, research, economy and other related fields as participants.

As a part of the conference programme, speakers will present their digital agendas, projects and examples of mutual cooperation, thus giving a positive example and support to further development of cooperation between different groups / participants in innovative ecosystems at the national and international level.

During the thematic panels, the conference participants and representatives of start-ups, business, educational and research ecosystems will talk about the most important trends in the field of innovations and their application in the economy and society, with special emphasis on their impact on sustainable growth and social well-being. Panel topics are: Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Technologies of the Future and Corporate Innovation.

In addition to panel discussions, and in cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), there will be a Belgrade promotion of the Meet & Match regional project, i.e. business2business meetings between the representatives of the up-and-coming Serbian start-up companies and European and domestic corporations will take place, with the aim of networking and encouraging the cooperation between these two groups.


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