Our society’s obsession with professional success dictates living our lives with the ultimate goal of financial gain: the more you make the better you are, the better you become the more you make. It’s all about the business of you and the brand of you. But is this the only value in life or even the most important one?

photo: Stephan Concept holding brain @ BankMark 2019 Serbia

I love philosophy as much as I love neuroscience. Because philosophy, as neuroscience, forces us to examine the way we live and the impact of our behaviors to us and to others. In the ancient world, people were joining schools to learn how to be better humans not just for “technical skills”. Who teaches us this today? Family? School? University? Company trainings?

Everyone is focusing on career success. What about deeper, wider, more meaningful personal and societal success? There is an urgent need for modern morality that goes beyond economics. Our kids need it. Our world needs it (considerations while reading the book ‘what would Nietzsche do?’). More on philosophy and neuroscience soon from 

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