Consumers today are shopping everywhere at any time on any device from the moment of inspiration to the final purchase. It’s no longer as important for a shopper to be present in a retailer’s space, as it is for a retailer to be present wherever and whenever someone is shopping.

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However, personalised services and tailored content aren’t the only aspects of life as a consumer that can carry over into life as a B2B buyer, influencer or decision-maker.

I had some inspiration from the KISSmetrics Infographic of the Linkedin Week. While I was reading article by Jane Flemington on the marked pro network, noticed aspect use of color in B2B marketing, and here are just a couple of thoughts that struck me from a glance through this infographic:

  • Colour has a massive influence over brand and product choice (over 80% of shoppers describe it as a factor in what they buy – can those people really make themselves color blind when making B2B decisions?)
  • Different cultures have different color cues (the data in this infographic relates to North America and there’s some cross-over to the UK and Western Europe, but it’s definitely worth researching the nuances of color in your market).
  • Colour has an obvious role in your brand identity, logo, and owned properties like your website and blog – but the powerful influence that it has means you should also try experimenting with it in content. A/B test different colors in infographics, illustrations, and images and see how they resonate with different audiences.

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