If partying is what your soul craves, then off to Europe you go. The diverse nature of this continent was fruitful soil for future nightlife hotspots with legendary status. Wherever you go, you’ll find a place that speaks to your party soul, but some destinations rank higher in the hearts of the fete community. Be ready to feel all the FOMO as we go through some places that speak the language of fun.

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Nightlife in Barcelona – Late start is the name of the game

The night is still young, my friends, always remember that when you go out seeking a party in Europe. Yes, some options will leave you time for a good night’s rest, but the real fun starts long after Cinderella’s curfew. Leading this late start trend, Barcelona will take you to a restaurant to pregame, at your own risk and responsibly, of course, a bar to have a sneak peek of what the night has in store, a boat party to practice your dance movies, and a nightclub where the main event is. Don’t be surprised if you end up at the street fiesta tho; it’s an experience straight out of a movie. If you’re looking for a taste of flamenco, go to the Gotic neighborhood of Barcelona for a night filled with dance and tapas. Sophisticated partygoers should head out to bars of El Born, where the best cocktails await. If Ibiza is on your bucket list but seems a bit out of reach, head out to Pacha Barcelona to feel a piece of that same magic. This wild club is Bob Sinclare approved!

Exciting venues of Amsterdam’s nightlife

Dancing the night away in the former atomic bomb shelter? You read it right. Having a ball in Amsterdam comes with many perks, but the spots where the magic happens are the star of the show. You’ll find yourself in a used-to-be school that now serves as a multi-stage nightclub, in a perception that is The Tara, consisting of many bars inside one another, abandoned squats, and so many more weird yet cool places. This LGBT-friendly destination with a casual outlook on its nightlife is suited for everyone, from avid rave goers to soft jazz connoisseurs. In this situation, the elephant in the room is the Red Light district. If hedonism of that sort is your cup of tea, you do you! Just walking through it is an experience on its own, giving window shopping a whole new meaning. The most active parts of Amsterdam are Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, but even the outskirts know how to party. Make your life easier and go to this Amsterdam page, where you’ll find the most important tourist information. You’re welcome.

Berlin – Iconic techno heaven

You can’t call yourself a party animal if you’ve never stayed until the AM dressed in all black, sore feet but a heart full, in Berlin. This German city radiates the ultimate sin energy, giving Vegas a run for its money. Berlin is well-known for its techno scene, crowned with many nightclubs scattered all over. People of Berlin like to say that partying is not just a leisure activity; it’s a lifestyle and a significant part of the cultural experience. That’s why it’s essential to learn the rules and follow them strictly. Bouncers in this city don’t play around, trust us. The rich history of freedom and acceptance colors the past of famous clubs that live to this day, Berghain arguably being the most famous of them all. What started as an underground club for young men to live out their fantasies turned into the club with the strictest entrance policy in the world. You can even practice your lines in an online simulator! We won’t judge you if you don’t get in, as it probably is for a good reason. You can always head out to places like Watergate or even Loophole to have yourself a good time, enjoying sets of world-famous DJs and tireless people.

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Is Belgrade the party hotspot of Europe?

Very much so, if we can say. Serbia is an unjustly forgotten gem of Europe, and that is an injustice that must be corrected. Belgrade is considered the party capital of Europe, which you get to see why as soon as you set your foot inside a bar in the so-called Silicon Valley part of the town. It has nothing to do with high-tech, promise. The warm people of Serbia with impressive party stamina are the main reason Belgrade has this prestigious status, besides the diversity and abundance of choice. Nightlife in Belgrade is vibrant, perfect for club-hopping or immersive cultural experiences. Give Skadarlija street a chance to sweep you off your feet, and it may as well happen as you walk down the slippery cobblestone. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This bohemian quarter of the city is a choose your adventure destination, with many restaurants and taverns with similar yet different atmospheres.

But, if you prefer a more modern touch, head out to Sava and Danube shores. These long-time lovers that meet under Kalemegdan fortress are known for party rafts called splavs, where the fun doesn’t stop till the wee small hours of the morning. Live music performed by popular local artists, big crowds of beautiful and energetic people, alcohol on tap, and downtown Belgrade as a backdrop is a dream come true. Check out this blog about cities with the best nightlife if you want to learn more about Belgrade and get inspired by other party meccas around the globe.

Humming in your ears and pain in your muscles as you speak the words never again of the 1000th time is worth it, isn’t it? The pure joy and adrenaline that comes with the party scene are best to experience rather than read about in some silly blog. But hey, you gotta start somewhere! We wish you many sleepless nights and friendships made on the dancefloor.

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