Marketers need to rethink the traditional concept of primetime. It’s no longer a single daypart on a single screen. It’s the minutes and hours people are choosing to tune into content they’re most passionate about, whatever and wherever that might be. During these moments of personal primetime, viewers are engaged and ready to hear from brands that show up with relevant ads.

Here’s how brands are considering their audience’s passions, interests, and engagement when developing their media strategy:


  • Make popular moments personal
  • Show up at every stage of the customer journey, from inspiration to purchase
  • Tap into the power of YouTube creators across both organic and paid ads
  • Sequence to build a brand story over time.


  1. Socrates

    Finally something fresh and I am clear with it.

  2. I am direct

    Cool photo and stuff…

  3. Jeremach D

    I like it !!! Show me that again, low.

  4. Famous Jane

    Make it personal checks, hello from LA :*
    Shopping mania started on the internet.

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