With people now spending significantly more time online, the notion of maximizing your brand’s digital presence has become a necessity. If you’re not reaching and engaging potential customers across a purchase journey that’s increasingly online, you can be sure another brand is.

Becoming more digitally mature can feel like a long shot in such a dynamic ecosystem. You have to adopt the right technology and organizational strategies to achieve effective reach and enable measurement, plus prioritize customer privacy. It’s a lot. But research shows that doing so can significantly improve cost savings and help drive revenue.

A few months ago, Google teamed up with Boston Consulting Group to look at advertising transformation in the context of the pandemic. Together, we identified three things marketers can do to accelerate the transformation and prepare their businesses for what’s next

  • Let first-party data be your guide.
  • Connect your data to unlock audience insights and improve ROI.
  • Prioritize strategic partnerships.

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