Really many, many questions on social media about the old program. We mentioned that the Takamatsu den program was in Bujinkan from 1973 to 1983 and that is why very few of you know something more about it on the official website.

✅Online ninjutsu training program

✅Takamatsu den – an authentic program made by last living ninja

✅ Clear and simple, made for practitioners to progress quickly

The art of ninjutsu survived for centuries due to its flexibility and ability to anticipate the opponent’s steps. Nowadays, even the warriors on a path of truth are facing different challenges some questions remain the same and the answers require dedication and patience.

The knowledge of ancient masters lives in the Takamatsu-den program to protect and share all aspects of Ninjutsu. Throughout history, only the best ninjas survived and left the secret knowledge written on scrolls.
Finally, knowledge is available online to all interested students.

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