My name is Tomislav Milovic and I am twenty-three years old. I am currently on my second year of studies on Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac. I used to play football professionally; I played with Radnicki, Teleoptik, and Klagenfurt. Now I make models, but I also produce fishing equipment, which was initiated by my father after he left Zastava. Also, I started my two YouTube channels, ManCave Gaming, on which I work with my brother, and Mind Creations, where I present my models made of can and some other creative stuff.

Were you surprised when a marketing team from Hell offered you a collaboration, and how did it affect your career?

I was surprised in a way, but not entirely. Of course I was amazed and thrilled when such a great company contacted me and wanted to collaborate with me. However, I knew that I was talented and that my models were not that easy to make, but I never expected for my talent to be noticed so quickly. Model making relaxes me and makes me do my best, and each model presents a new challenge for me. It is always a great pleasure when someone else likes your work and praises it, especially when it comes from one of the greatest companies. The collaboration with Hell energy drink company greatly affected my career. The models which I make as a promoting material for the company got attention not only in Serbia but also in other countries where Hell energy drink is popular. I have received some nice and positive comments from people all over the world, recommending me some new ideas for my further model collection. Also, I got invited to many international manifestations hosted by model makers as well as to events for the popular game WOT, since I had made tank models from that game.

As much as being a model maker may be interesting and tempting, the fact is that you cannot get paid well for that in Serbia. You could earn, let’s say, a pocket money or an average salary of around 300 euros. Of course, for every event you get invited to you need to pay for your own flight or accommodation, and those prices are rather high for our standards. But if you love what you do you can always find a way to fulfill all your wishes.

Could you reveal to us what your future plans regarding collaboration with Red Bull are?

Everybody has heard of Red Bull, and I believe that people who want to get a sponsorship wish to be part of it someday. As for my collaboration with them, I have to say that it is in its early stage, because we only discussed our options but nothing has been officially arranged yet. I hope they like my work, and that I will able to meet their demands, if they decide to collaborate with me.

When could we expect to see the new models, and are there going to be some novelties?

You can follow me on my channel Mind Creations, where I regularly post the new models once a month. Pretty soon I intend to make some new models but of different material. I have a variety of ideas and I hope I can realize all of them.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am still not sure where do I see myself in five years, because, for one thing, wishes and possibilities are not always the same, and, also, I am yet to pave the way for my future. However, in five years I would like my new models to be even better than they are now, and I would like to be a part of a team which makes models, or even a marketing team for a great company. But, I have my whole life before me, so we’ll see.

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