Hotel “Fontana” is one of the top 10 rated hotels, on the list of “Top 100 best hotels in Serbia in 2021” of the prestigious portal and online magazine Concept International from Los Angeles. The hotel received all top marks in the evaluation, according to the evaluation procedure of the original CI hotel evaluation system and experts, after the visit of editors CI and “My weekend” when the international cooperation was established 6 months ago, and so entered the “Top 100”.

We would like to emphasize that this is the first and for now the only hotel from Vrnjacka Banja that has gained this valuable recognition, and entered this elite list of the “Top 100” for 2021. Thanks to the international viewership from over 85 countries in the world, as a global media Concept International will present hotels from Serbia to the United States and Asia.

Contributors of the portal “My weekend”, have given a brief description of the hotel and the time spent in it, which can be felt in the text below…

The story of the Fontana Hotel, the first modern high-category hotel in Vrnjacka Banja, dates back to 1965. The hotel only gained in value and significance throughout the years, especially after its renovation and privatization in 2017. Today, it is one modern hotel that has not given up tradition and has managed to meet all the requirements of new guests who enjoy it. The first 16 minutes The grand entrance to the hotel itself showed a lot about what awaited us inside. A stunning hall with a lobby bar and more than polite stuff simply leaves the impression that you are in one of the largest hotel chains in Serbia. The hotel is energy efficient, follows the trends, and focuses on details that can be seen from the room entrance.

Wellness and Spa Center

Going to the Wellness and Spa center, which has two pools with hot water and water effects, a jacuzzi and children’s pool, then a salt room, tepidarium, Turkish bath, an experience shower, sauna (a Finnish, infrared, bio sauna), was certainly an experience. A facial care center and massage center are at the entrance. The hotel’s detox program which includes physical activities, made a unique impression, and, in the time, we live in, it is essential.


The hotel has the largest accommodation capacity compared to other hotels, with 176 rooms and 36 suites, giving great opportunities for group travels and congress tourism. Special emphasis has been placed on the people with disabilities and completely adapted accommodation.

Hotel restaurant

The restaurant is a la carte, available for the people who are not hotel guests. We can honestly say that this part of the hotel’s offer, as well as the rich Wellness and Spa content, has left the strongest impression on us. In a few words and with the intention to better describe this hotel’s segment we would like to mention something from the beginning of the report:” Fountain of Wishes”. This is exactly what served dishes look like, and everyone can find one to please their gourmet desire.

Fitness center

Being in the sports field for several decades, our portal’s team has visited all the gyms worth mentioning. The hotel gym includes exercises for all muscle groups, fitness and recreation. The view of the pool gives a special charm while running on the conveyor belt. Other devices complete the experience and the effect of training.

Congress Hall and Celebration Hall

The hotel has a capacity of 212 spacious and modern-equipped accommodation units, which gives seminar organizers the opportunity for their guests to directly as hotel guests attend the congress or some other event. The large congress hall can be divided into segments, it meets all required standards, and is equipped with the latest technology for congress tourism. As our portal recommendation, we advise you to put Vrnjacka Banja and also the Fontana Hotel on the list of possible destinations for your wedding.

Overall impression

The hotel “Fontana is located in the best location in Vrnjacka Banja at the crossroads of nature and love, just 68 steps from “The Bridge of Love” and the Promenade and it has a tradition of over 55 years. It is n oasis of peace and quiet with the scents from the nature of the nearby forest. Polite stuff and hotel management are a trademark of the hotel and one of the secrets of the success of this great hotel system. A large number of famous people have taken part in the history of the hotel, and the tradition continues nowadays. For more information on prices, Wellness and Spa center or promo packages ,visit the hotel’s website by clicking on the link:  

Conclusion of our report and our final impression “Don’t peek, get in and experience” -Hotel”Fontana”- Vrnjacka Banja. The photo gallery of the hotel has been singled out which shows the Hotel “Fontana” through 18 selected pictures.

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