All About Customers

What’s customers, got to do, got to do with it.

If you got my reference, we’re destined to become best friends said Niti from the HubSpot. In all seriousness, what’s a startup without customers? They’re your lifeblood and key to your success. Here are our picks to help you tackle customer growth.

Marketing Management Philosophies


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Who Are Your Customers?

So you’ve got a product…but how do you acquire users and customers? Well, you first need to figure out who your customers actually are so you can position your brand, messaging, and products the right way. Start by creating buyer personal using this concept international guide.

Referral marketing

Consumers are increasingly losing trust in traditional marketing and are inundated with advertising they see as irrelevant.

Referral marketing on the other hand scores highly for both trust and relevance – with Nielsen reporting that 83% trust recommendations from friends and family. This report looks at the psychology of referral marketing and will help you harness the power of your brand advocates to drive customer acquisition.

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