Have you heard of our premium online services such as Storytelling with pro contentVirtual secretary, and Online presence? Today, we’ll dive into one of the newest content additions: an FAQ. You can build an FAQ page on the website with Concept International support and SEO. It’s also time to introduce our new website PR series presented online by none other than Stephan Concept. Want to know how you can create a menu segment that redirects in the easiest way possible to the FAQ page? Then let’s get started!

Building an FAQ page with a Concept SEO expert

Pages with frequently asked questions — or FAQs — are everywhere. Loads of websites use one to answer any type of question a visitor or potential client might have. FAQ pages can be helpful but they are often misused. Before you add an FAQ you need to make sure that you did everything you could to answer the most common questions with regular content. Also, always be sure to use real questions and not make up the ones most convenient for you — or your boss. In this post, we’ll have a look at FAQs and how to build a great FAQ page with structured data support.

Do You Have any questions?

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