Google Search has changed dramatically since 1998. And so have search habits.

Google Search is turning 20 this month. To say search has changed dramatically would be an understatement. Those changes have led to big shifts in the way people search and shop online.

People are always searching

84% of people are shopping at any given moment and in up to six different categories. Search has gotten personal: We’ve seen a 60% growth in mobile searches for “__ for me” in the past two years. Over half of Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices.

However search evolves in the next 20 years, one thing will remain constant: Leading marketers will be there to help people find answers.

Googleplex Full Tour

The Secrets of Google from Gaurav uploaded on Youtoube. Get ready for Connect Live 2018!

Dates: October 16 — 18, 2018
Location: San Francisco and Mountain View, California

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