Live 2023

At Google Marketing Live 2023, we announced the latest product updates designed to multiply your business results across three key areas: your customer connections, your creativity, and your confidence in making decisions. Check out the top takeaways below:

Drive more customer connections
New conversion goals in Performance Max let you guide Google AI to optimize for new, high-value customers and reconnect with existing customers.

Build better Search campaigns with Google AI
With the new conversational experience in Google Ads, you can use natural language to easily create keywords and assets that drive better campaign performance.

Create high-quality ad assets in an instant 
With the revamped asset creation flow in Performance Max, Google AI will use details you provide about your brand to generate text and image assets you can easily add to your campaigns.

Make decisions confidently with privacy-safe measurement and insights
We are simplifying the way you manage your first-party data with Google so you can easily measure conversions and reach relevant audiences, ultimately leading to better outcomes for your business.

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