The team of the M Concept group of portals visited the family home of opera diva and soprano Nevena
Lepojević, who, after Kragujevac and Belgrade, has plans for an international career. In addition to all
the obligations related to her career as an opera singer, she also works in a private music school and is a
devoted mother of three daughters. Elena the eldest drew her mother’s talent for art, already inheriting
her success, she plays the piano and paints very nicely. In addition to Elena, she also has two younger
daughters, Alice and Mariana, who are very young, but also talented as their mother, which we
immediately noticed. Nevena comes from an artistic family, and as she always likes to point out, she
devoted herself to her career and her wonderful children, whom we had the opportunity to meet and
socialize with. She also worked in the company Centrir from 2016 to 2020 as a consultant for art
projects and performs in the vocal ensemble Echo Odyssey in Belgrade.

Dear Nevena, tell us something more about yourself, about your artistic path?
The development of the artistic path was very slow and with great delay, which led me to fight even
harder and work on myself. I was lucky enough to become a member, the vocal soloist of the Echo
Odyssey Ensemble, in which I have been singing since 2016 until today. My mentor Goran Potkonjak
helped me a lot to improve my vocal singing technique and get to know acting through opera roles and
develop my personality through art.
Music gives meaning to my life, gives soul to the universe and eternal fat that directs me to develop
potential and talent. Music for me is a path of happiness and peace in the soul.

Do you have any hobbies, and how do you spend your free time?
My hobbies are swimming, walking in nature and yoga. I spend my free time walking, it relaxes me a lot
or listening to music, because music is always present in my life.

You come from an artistic family, how did that affect your career and life path?
I come from an artistic family and the family has greatly influenced me to direct me to music since early
childhood and today I remember wonderful moments in the family home, singing with my father
Radmila on guitar and with my sister Jasmina on piano.

I finished primary and secondary music school Dr. Miloje Milojević in Kragujevac, piano and theoretical
department, then enrolled in lower and middle solo singing and decided to enroll in the music academy
for solo singing on May 20, 2010, she graduated in the class of professor Radmila Bakočević. I am the
first to graduate in the Ceremonial Hall of the Rectorate in Kragujevac, which is a great success for me.

Daughter Elena is very talented just like you, and your younger daughters are already showing talent,
how much do Elena’s beginnings in art remind you of yours?

My daughter Elena is very talented in music, she goes to music school and plays the piano, she likes to
sing and paint, it fulfills her the most, she finds herself there the most. Elena’s beginnings in music differ
significantly, because she does not find herself in classical music like me, but in modern music. She
wants to become a fashion designer and I strongly support and guide her as a mother.

You are quite dedicated to your family, can it be said that your family is the base from which your career
successes come?

I am very dedicated to my family. My three daughters Elena, Mariana and Alice are a great responsibility
for me in which I give myself completely. They are very musical and I direct children in the musical

What is it in your career that you would single out as some of the stages that have marked your career
to date, successes in general?

The most significant roles I sang were the role of Aida by Giuseppe Verdi, the duet- Ciel! My father! The
role of Leonora from the opera The Power of Destiny, The role of Santuca, Rustican’s Cavalry, Figaro’s
Marriage, Susanna and Cherub, Rusaltka, Bemi, Mimi. My favorite role is Aida, which suits me vocally
and in temperament, as well as the role of Santuca and Leonora.
Training at the Master Class at the Opera Diva Luciano Serra in Lugano, Switzerland in June 2016.
Collaboration with my colleagues from the Echo Odyssey, October 2020, recording in the studio of the
Aida Quartet, which no one has performed or recorded so far.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans are further training in the Vocal Ensemble Echo Odyssey in Belgrade. Work on new projects.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself in pedagogical work because I love working with children both in my career and in further
performances. In the foreseeable future, I am planning a career in Italy and Germany. I am grateful for
everything so far and ready for further achievements, because I know I can do it! Music and opera are my
love that gives meaning to my life.

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