WordPress platform

Even though WordPress is a super awesome platform, there’s still some learning curve that everybody needs to overcome before they can reap the full benefits of having their site run on CMS (Content Management System) and Link Biz project of Concept International as well. Have you created your winning digital marketing strategy and plan yet?

Digital Marketing strategy

This year at Google Marketing Live, we announced ways in which we’re making our ads and analytics products work even better together. For instance, feel free to check out any of the following articles on our blog and contact for free analyse of your online presence or website. Start with the first of 5 steps to create the best user experience for international website visitors.

Concept’s international plan

assesses an example company’s position in its industry and compares it to its competitors before creating goals and actions for each aspect of its digital marketing efforts. Sections are:

  • Summary of integrated digital strategy (business background and internal analysis)
  • Opportunity from digital marketing (current performance and key issues)
  • Strategy to achieve objectives
  • Actions to implement digital strategy

Be smart and let’s go online with Concept International CRM.

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