With all the Europe still battling the coronavirus pandemic, online car shopping has jumped in popularity. This is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon throughout the continent. Most of the companies offer clients to choose online the car they want and have it quickly delivered to their home – disinfected and safe. Shifting online has allowed dealerships to survive and avoid having to close due to stay-at-home orders. Many people familiar with the industry believe the shift in the way people purchase new (and in the future even used cars) will be permanent.


We are especially impressed with Tesla’s motor online store where You can choose between different options in a category such as model, exterior, interior, autopilot, and payment.


  1. Wow, Tesla X simple amazing – car of the future.

  2. The power of Mercedes, the best.

  3. It’s true, but not only the car industry involved.

  4. #stay-at-home and orders, soon we can use it :O

  5. Greetings for all car lovers worldwide and I like the sense of choice at online stores. We don’t mention branding here, it’s also powerful when we are speaking of digital marketing.

  6. One Tesla X for the CEO of Concept International, please >:G

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