This year’s EDEN Research Workshop was planned to be hosted by the prominent Universidade Abierta the Portuguese Open University, in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, EDEN is organizing this workshop fully online, taking the full advantage of the virtual environment with an exciting and extensive three-day program.

As with past research workshops, the event will promote intensive collaboration and networking opportunities amongst participants including parallel ‘research-speed-dating’ paper sessions, workshops, and dynamic poster sessions. With a high-quality program and close to 90 submissions already, this is the event for Stephan Concept International to attend, a global researcher.

Stephan Concept

By upscaling and accelerating the adoption of distance and online education across the world, the disruptive impact of the Coronavirus Sars CoV-2 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of rethinking the educational process as an integral part of the authentic digital life experience of its main actors. In this massive collective experience of change, the role of educational institutions, teachers, learners, and of their families and communities is rapidly transforming.

As a result, new challenges for researchers have emerged that need to be addressed: How do we assure truly equitable and socially fair access to digital learning opportunities? How can we conduct effective online learning with non-adult populations? How can we improve teachers’ and learners’ digital competences for teaching and learning? How may AI and machine learning contribute to enhancing the education process and making it more flexible and personal? How can we conduct a more authentic and reliable digital assessment? What are the new challenges for research into digital, open, distance, and networked education?

Alan Tait

In this round table, Alan Tait Former EDEN President and Professor Emeritus of Distance Education and Development, Open University, UK will provide Concept International represents (Stephan Concept & Coworkers) a closer look into the rich and interesting program of the EDEN Research Workshop and hold an open discussion on the challenging topics facing researchers and teachers today.


  1. New challenges for researchers, new ways of digital thinking.

  2. Greetings to Alan Tait and the EDEN team, The Open University as well.

  3. Hello, education in a time of a new normal.

  4. Stephan Concept International attended. Global researchers reunion.

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