BMW has developed a data hub with Amazon’s cloud computing division, in a sign of how companies are increasingly using “big data” to try to boost efficiency.

“We want to switch from gut-driven decisions to data-driven decisions,” said Kai Demtroder, vice president of data transformation at BMW. “We have a few hundred data scientists at BMW, but the aim is to make the data accessible to everyone.”

Demtroder said BMW’s “cloud data hub” proved its value as the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect auto production in the spring, as data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) enabled the German carmaker to see which supplier plants had problems.

He said “This was a clear case where we had all the data and we could use it immediately to respond to the crisis“ ас quoted by Reuters. BMW and AWS have been working together since 2015 and have spent the last year and a half jointly developing the carmaker’s data hub. Up to 5,000 BMW employees will also be trained to use AWS technologies to make better use of data.


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    Two giants in the auto industry and IT sector.

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